Sunday, October 25, 2009

October Wedding

My cousin Nikki got married on October 24, 2009. I LOVE fall weddings!! The colors make the pictures that much prettier!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Sarah's Birthday

Sarah belongs to a good friend of mine. We went to take some birthday pictures of her but mother nature interferred. During this shoot it was raining...and lightning. I was so excited when I saw the sweet little pictures we got of her. We were in that field for maybe 10 minutes......and then we took off running! lol.

Caught my eye...

As I was uploading the campaign pictures I saw this one on my CD also. I don't think I have ever shown it before. It is one of my very favorite things I have done ever. Probably for several reasons, one being that it's of my daughter, two being that the pictures are so totally her. This storyboard shows her hilarious out-going personality and her true passion, singing. I have it printed in a 10x20 at the house. I still pick it up and look at it often. I love that kid! (Okay, I know, she's not a kid but I can still imagine she is!!) :) (You can double click on the storyboard to see it bigger.)

Taking the easy way out....

I was going to be a good blogger and go back and edit all the campaign posts and add the appropriate pictures to each one....HA! I don't have the time or the patience!!! :) So I'm adding all campaign pictures here - all in one post. It will be easier for everyone to look at anyway! You don't even have to scroll down....that's me, trying to justify my actions. lol. Happy looking on this gorgeous fall day!!!