Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Told you....

I have LOTS of pins...I need me soon. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is CHAOS at our house!

Well, actually, there is always chaos at our house. But now days, it's double chaos at our house! My nice big sunroom has now turned into a store room, my dining room has turned into the pin shop (I have LOTS AND LOTS of pins for sale!! Call me!! :)) My living room is now the pin manufacturing plant. My brain is on MAJOR overload...and I'm not sure that even touches it! Why? Because of this...and THEM! :)

See that ring on her hand? It's all it's fault!

Yes, they are engaged. Yes, she's moving away. Soon. They are getting married November 5th. Which explains the CHAOS! Geez! :)

I guess they better be proud that I really really like them both...... :)

Here's a few more pics. I have some that I took that night, but I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet, so we may just get a little backward with pics. Look for LOTS of wedding talk coming soon!

And Kylee normally refuses to dress in the same colors as us...but miraculously she and Erik were dressed in the same colors as her Uncle Johnny's wedding Saturday night! So OF COURSE we had a picture made! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The ACTUAL proposal...

These pictures were taken on Friday, July 8th, 2011 (need that for documenting purposes!) :) Approximately 11:30 p.m. at night!

Erik had asked Kylee to take him to the EXACT spot where they had planned on getting married so he could see. Well.....they are getting married in a pasture...that hasn't been bushhogged yet....the grass is about 4.5 feet tall....Kylee and Erik are only a little more than 5 feet tall.....oh, AND it was raining...did I mention it was about 11:00 at night?? (There's another story there...maybe Kylee will write about it on her blog!) lol.

Anyway, they hike through the wilderness to the exact spot where Kylee thinks they will be getting married....they are being watched by three deer, a rabbit, and probably many snakes that they just didn't see....

Supposedly Erik asked a ton of questions about where everything was going to be, etc. And then he gets down on one knee (keep in mind the wilderness) and proposes. Kylee says she started screaming and jumping up and down, which probably means the neighbors thought someone was killing someone in the pasture.

And to hear Kylee tell was perfect. :)

Here is the first picture made of them when they returned...(definitely not the best picture but I couldn't keep her still very well!)

Hilary rushed up to the house when she heard. Daniel had proposed to Hilary earlier in the day, on the same land as Erik asked Kylee. Different spot but same land. And a great great piece of information that I thought was soooo special.... W.P. Simmons (my granddaddy) proposed to Catherine Simmons (my Goody) on July 8th, 1958. Exactly 53 years to the date that Kylee and Hilary got engaged.

Kaylee was in on the whole scheme. Poor thing, I think she was texting her Mom to pray because Kylee kept asking her questions and she didn't want to give the surprise away. hahaha

This what they did for the next hour.....text everyone they knew obviously!!

And of course there was LOTS of this.... :)

And lots of laughing and smiles and happiness in general....