Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break!!!

We had an awesome Spring Break! Lee was still living in Tampa working so me and the kids flew down and stayed with him for the week. I had been there several times so knew my way around so while Lee worked we toured. Then Lee was off on Friday so we all went to Universal Studios for the day. I have more than a few pics of the week! Imagine that!! :) Picture overload!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What he loves at 11....

I want to remember everything I can about my life, my kids, my family. That's the whole reason for the blog. This is what Kade loves. Legos. He will play for them for hours and hours and hours. He builds cities, and buildings and trucks and rescue equipment. He wants new ones constantly - and those things are expensive!! So on holidays and birthdays, we watch for the buy one get one half off sales! It really gets frustrating - you spend $100 on a Lego city and he has it put together in an hour. Really! For $100 it should at least take four hours!!! :) But then he just takes them apart and does it all over again. And then he takes that apart and makes his own designs.