Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just a pretty picture....

I happened to walk around the corner and catch this scene. I had to make them wait so I could grab my camera but I LOVE the picture. This is my brother and nephew putting the finishing touch on my Mom's tree.

Christmas Program

Our church Christmas program was December 7th. KJ did a great job singing - she's still getting compliments. WK was in the Tinker Toy Shop play - he was a football player and there was a cheerleader that matched him and they were a "set" for people to buy. It was really cute. I have pictures of my cousin HS too - she was the Angel of the Lord and the picture is so pretty. My brother directed the Nativity - he did a great job, it was beautiful.

Candy Candy Candy

I make candy every year - LOTS and LOTS of candy! I don't even really eat that much of it - I give it away. This year some friends of mine helped - we're sending some to another friend in Kuwait, of course, he's going to get it for New Years instead of Christmas because we couldn't find a time to make it. We have coconut bon bons and chocolate covered pretzels and white chocolate pretzels and peppermint bark and divinity and thin mints and the list goes on and on! There's also a picture showing what divinity SHOULD NOT look like when you make it!! Took me 3 trys to get it right!!!!


I guess without realizing it that I collect Christmas ornaments. Every year me and the kids go to Hallmark and each of us pick out a new ornament for the tree. I guess the kids like them as much as I do - they always want to know if they get to take their ornaments when they get married....uhhhhh.....NO! :) I like blown glass ornaments too. So I will usually buy a few of those each year also. I have so many ornaments on our den tree that I think I'm going to have to split them next year - maybe just have Hallmark ornaments on one tree and the blown glass ornaments on another - and then all the ornaments the kids have made over the years are on there also. I always make pictures to scrapbook of the new ornaments so I'm posting those. Believe it or not the Pirates of the Caribbean ornament is KJ's - she's hooked on the movie. WK's is the firetruck, he liked it because it's lights work - mine is the's name is Chocolate Mousse, I thought it was cute!! I got a gift card to Belk's for my birthday - they had the blown glass ornaments 1/2 off so I got those with my card! Great luck!!

Favorite things continued.....

Another one of my very very favorite things is a Christmas tree. I just love decorating my Christmas trees. So I put up five this year! I drive my kids crazy. If the trees aren't on when I get home I just can't stand it. And I like for all the trees to be on and the blinds be open and the lights be off. I just think it is cozy and warm and relaxing! Posting pics of the trees.....

Catching up!

Well, my crazy life has been even crazier lately! So....I'm going to play catch up on my blog. I have several different things I want to post so hopefully I can get them all done now. First one, I took pictures of a few of my favorite Christmas things. Stuff around the house. I love how the colors turn out in Christmas decorations. I'm posting a couple of pics and then I'm going to do separate posts of some other. One of the pics is a basket of glass ornaments - I don't know why something so simple and inexpensive is one of my favorite things but it is. It's kind of strange...beings I have expensive taste !! :) The other thing is books - SNOWMEN books to be exact. Don't know why again, but I love them. I've always liked snowmen but I especially love the books. I actually have a huge stack of children's Christmas books but the snowmen ones are my favorites!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I Love Christmas...

I love Christmas! Everything about it...even the bad things. I like crowded malls, I like having somewhere to go every day and night of the week, I like the hustle and bustle, I don't even mind being really really broke at this time of the year! It just means I probably spent too much on everyone else - and I love that feeling. I love the decorations, I love Christmas programs and Christmas movies and making Christmas candy (took a whole day off work this Friday just for that purpose!) I live in a 1600 sq. ft. house and I have five Christmas trees! 2 big ones, 1 medium one and 2 small ones - I LOVE IT! I love Christmas music, I just bought the new Trans Siberian Orchestra CD - it's awesome! I have looked everywhere for Vanessa Williams CD that has "Mary Had A Baby" - if you've seen it, please inform me where!! Anyway, this is the first time in two weeks I have found time to update my blog. We are BUSY!!! We're juggling basketball practice and Christmas program practice with WK and softball conditioning and singing practice for the program with KJ - she is actually singing a solo this year...WE ARE EXCITED! She has such a wonderful voice, but no one even knows because we can't convince her to use it!! Then of course we have to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! And it's WK's birthday this weekend so we have to PARTY PARTY PARTY! He wants to take all his friends to Santa's Village so we're going to have lots of fun - or freeze to death one!! Still haven't uploaded my Christmas tree pics - maybe soon! I have taken lots of pics though - I'm adding a few. I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!