Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Have any of you seen this much SNOW! I have seen snow - we lived in Kentucky so I have seen lots of snow actually...but goodness! This was beautiful, white, falling SNOW! And on CHRISTMAS Day!! We have three floor to ceiling windows in our living room and we just sat and looked at it. I kept going back and forth to the window. Gorgeousness! :) Of course there were TONS of pictures! Here's a few of my favs so far...

This one is of the kids waiting to ambush Lee as he walked off the porch to play in the snow with them....

And yes....that's Melissa on the bottom of the pile! LOL!

Monday, December 20, 2010

ahhhhh...much better

Reworked Kade's Christmas tree. Actually "reworked" probably isn't the right word. It was more like.....take it completely down and re-do. It's better now. I don't walk by his door and cringe. :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gingerbread House....

This year for our Christmas Program at church, the decorating committee (ya'll rocked! :)) wanted each family to make a gingerbread house so they could be displayed on the tables in the fellowship hall after the program (we have to eat afterwards, of course!) So Kade, Konnor and Kensley were to make one together....well, it started off good - they were all in to it, but after about an hour, they were done. So me and Melissa and Kylee just HAD to finish it for them. :) Me and Kylee and Kade make one every year just for us normally - so I had a little experience. And a gingerbread house is the perfect thing to unleash my boxed up, dying to get out, over the top, Christmastime creativity. It's something about Christmas - my creativity levels get a boost. I constantly buy craft supplies around this time of the year! Anywhoo.....we finished it for them, and I even went and added some to it just before the program. LOVED it!! Here's the pics:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Trees in the middle of remodeling....

I moved. Maybe, 3 weeks ago. House is under construction at this time, AND we live there. But it's Christmas!! So up go the trees! Five of them at this time. And I REALLY want to add just one more - okay, I'm contemplating 2 or 3 more but it's probably not going to happen...

I guess during all of the chaos that is my life right now, my brain got overwhelmed and went into shutdown. So a big thanks goes to my friend Lindsey! Poor thing - I called her (more than once), and text her numerous times. She even had to text me pictures of how she did part of her tree. I knew WHAT I wanted - just couldn't seem to get it there!

But I perservered! Is that spelled correctly? Doesn't look right - anyway, I did it! And BEFORE December 1st!! YAY!! Here's pics! (And sorry for the quality - I was being lazy and didn't want to get my flash out.)

Living room tree:

Master bedroom tree:

Kylee's tree in her den in her apartment:

Den tree:

Kade's bedroom tree: I think it's going to be reworked....he up and changed themes on me and now it don't jive.... :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

For those that may not know - New Harmony consists of my brothers, Dustin and Justin, and my cousins, Joe David and Chad, and some really good friends, Cassie, Erica and Dustin M. And they are opening for The Isaacs!

I got my tickets today, the concert is April 1st, 2011. Tickets went on sale today and are selling out fast. If you're interested, better hurry! I'm at the end of the third row; and can't wait!

Go to http://www.perfectharmonypromotions.com/

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HURRY!!! Christmas Sessions now booking!!

Here is the email that went out to our photography clients this morning, wanted those blog followers to have an appointment also!!!..........................

And I am not joking when I say you really need to hurry! :)

As you all probably already know, we shot our Fall sessions this past weekend and I have had three people email me to tell me that saw some of them and were soooo sorry they didn't book! They were super duper cute!!!! I am telling you this because not only did all of the folks from Saturday get a $5.00 discount (if they bought the $35.00 package, which most did!) on the Christmas session, they also got the chance to book their Christmas session appointment before we announced it!! And even more important: THEY ALSO ALL GOT HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES FROM THE CAKE LADY THAT LIVES NEXT TO THE WAREHOUSE WE SHOT AT! They were SOOOOO worth whatever money was spent! lol.

And because we LOVE our repeat clients.....IF you buy Package C at the Christmas session, you get $5.00 off of the Valentine session PLUS you get to register for a FREE 11x14 at our Valentine session!!!

We will be offering the 10x20 storyboard that we had at our sessions Saturday (people fell in LOVE!) and we are planning to add Christmas frames to the frame line this time!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

Just to verify - if you want to book - you need to do so soon! I only have ONE, I repeat ONE, morning appointment still available!! They are first come first serve! Fastest one wins!! :)

We are still finalizing details but here is where we are:

They will be shot in the same spot as the Fall and Easter pictures. The warehouse on Walter Bird Drive in Owens Cross Roads.
They will be shot on Saturday, November 6th, 2010.
The set will be suitable for children, pre-teen, teens, adults, couples and families (up to a certain number).
We WILL be offering Christmas cards!

We do have the set in mind - however, we are making some last minute decisions on it this week and will let you know when we are 100% sure what we are doing!! Will also have the prices on the next email - still VERY affordable!!

Email me at mkrogers3081@hotmail.com or call or text me at 256-656-9580 to book! I don't always get to answer during business hours (8:30 - 5:00) but feel free to leave me a message and I will call you back!!



Shannon Byrd Photography
with Marty Rogers as
Creative Director :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


am I doing this?? ugh. Just to prove to Cassie that I read her blog everyday she posts I guess. Still doesn't make me WANT to. ugh.


1. I cry at totally stupid stuff.
2. My stomach still does flip-flops when the love of my life (my husband for those of you wondering) walks into the room.
3. I love cupcakes. (But not GiGis!)


1. I like to go to bed EARLY! Even though I don't.
2. I use "Remember when......" A LOT!
3. I hurt all over all the time! :)


1. Go on a honeymoon!
2. Get my house closed and move to our new one!!
3. Be off work!!


1. I can watch football with the best of them!
2. I LOVE four-wheelers, as long as I'm driving.
3. I LOVE to build things.


1. I love clothes/shoes.
2. I scream when I see mice/hamsters/rats/snakes of any size
3. I cry.


1. Living in a new house???
2. Building those Christmas frames I saw.
3. Being debt-free. It won't happen but it's getting closer! :)


1. I get over things really quick.
2. I usually have a pretty positive outlook....except for Kylee and Lee - which doesn't count, because they ASK me my opinion or thoughts, then they say I'm negative when I give them. Duh? I don't lie.
3. If you want something done - I normally can make it happen. Except when it comes to getting my own house closed obviously.


1. I have NO will-power to lose weight.
2. I can't keep up anymore.
3. My body feels old. Hence #2.


1. Mice/hamsters/rats/snakes
2. Scary movies. Hate them. Can't stand them. Drives Lee and Kylee crazy. I refuse to let them have them on in the house.
3. Something happening to my family.


1. Mountain Dew
2. Cell phone
3. My husband/best friend.


1. Sleep through the night!
2. Keep my laundry caught up.
3. Quit work.


1. My goal in life is to stay at home.
2. My goal in life is to stay at home.
3. Photography, but only part-time, because.....
My goal in life is to stay at home!

Ten things you wish you could say to ten different people right now:

1. Why did you fill this out on your blog!?!
2. Just let it go already!
3. I don't want to hear it!
4. It closed!!!
5. Believe in the Lord!!!!!!!
6. Cheer UP.....my brotherrrrrr. (Insert musical notes....)
7. No!
8. Booked!
9. Don't judge.
10.This is forever. Deal with it.

NINE places you feel at home:

1. Mom/Dad
2. Dustin/Melissa
3. Melia/Jeremy
4. My old house.
5. My new house.
6. Church
7. My car.
8. Pat and Jen's
9. My office. Unfortunately.

SEVEN people of the same sex who mean a lot to you:'
1. Mom
2. Kylee
3. Melia
4. Melissa
5. Alicia
6. Jennifer
7. Hilary and Goody - and more but they only asked for 7, except I slipped in 8. :)

FIVE things that cross your mind a lot:
1. I have the holyghost.
2. I'm almost pretty near close to 50.
3. Aunt Libby
4. Brian
5. Where are my kids and my husband and are they safe?

FOUR things you do before you fall asleep:
1. set alarm
2. pray
3. tuck Kade in.
4. tell Kylee goodnight.

THREE songs that mean something to you
1. Through the Fire - it kept me sane when I was lost!
2. that song that Br. Ethan sings that for some reason I can't remember.
3. He Touched Me.

TWO confessions:
1. I actually don't know EVERYTHING, even though I really think I do. ;)
2. I have now sat at my desk for fifteen minutes - AFTER the time I was supposed to get off.

ONE thing you're thinking about right now:
1. I don't want Lee to work tonight.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perfect picture.

Maybe not technically - but definitely emotionally! Such a sweet sweet session!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call NOW!!

Call or text me at 256-656-9580 or email me at mkrogers3081@hotmail.com for an appointment! Filling up fast!!

And we are offering a discount on our Christmas session (November 6th!) if you do both sessions!

Monday, October 04, 2010


I LOVE this time of year! Starting in September, I just get beside myself. Seems like I get more "crafty" and more creative and just excited all around! I love to decorate when it gets Fall - of course, it would help if I actually had a HOUSE right now! So for now, I'm just in planning mode. Eventually the house will close and I will get to move. I may have to decorate for Christmas when I do but that's okay! :) I was looking through some pictures and found these of Harley from last year and decided to use them on my blog today. It's her Halloween/First Birthday pics and she is soooo cute in them. Have a wonderful Fall day today!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Somehow I missed it....

I scan blogs all day - when I'm on hold on the phone, when I am waiting on something to print, when someone is talking to me and it's boring....lol. I even read Shelby's fall questions - but somehow I skipped right over the part where she tagged me. Sorry Shelby...you'll learn that I'm always late. :)

Fall Questions...

1. Do you like Starbucks? I don't drink coffee, give me a Mountain Dew and I am good to go! HOWEVER, when it gets close to Christmas, I usually WILL go to Starbucks for a peppermint hot chocolate! Mmmmmmmmm......

2. How do you decorate and prepare for Fall? I normally go all out - until this year! :( We sold out house about three months ago and are STILL waiting to close on it! So....I don't want to put anything up until we get to the new house - which looks like I am going to go straight into Christmas decorating! And I LOVE my Fall decorations....I'm totally bummed.

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities? Does Calhoun have a homecoming!?!?

4. What is your favorite Fall clothing item or accessory? Boots. But they have to be the PERFECT boots and I have not found them yet. I will probably wear them with everything. I hate finding shoes. Can't find any that please me. UGH!

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? I have absolutely no clue. I never remember what I dressed as. I know I went. I'm old people. Give me a break!

6. Do you like Halloween/Horror movies? No, No, and NO! I remember going on a date with Lee in high school and he wanted to go see a Steven King movie. I don't remember which one. I sat during THE.WHOLE.THING. with my eyes covered. Lee wasn't happy - he said he wasted his money. Duh?

7. What is your favorite Fall activity? I always like to have a BIG pumpkin carving party with my kids and nieces and nephews. I love to camp - which we are doing next week!! YAY!! PERFECT weather. My #1 favorite thing is to go to Gatlinburg though! I need to try to work that in soon!

8. What is your favorite Fall recipe? Definitely 100%....pumpkin dip with ginger snaps!!

Quick questions...

1. What movie coming out soon are you looking forward to seeing? I have no clue!
2. What will you miss most about Summer? My flip flops...I can actually walk in them.
3. When do you start your holiday shopping? When i come up with some money!
4. Favorite exercise/activity? Shopping....but see #3 above.... :)
5. Best book you've read lately? Anything Debbie Macomber.
6. Do you make your bed every day? wow - Cassie and I are alike! Yes, I make it (or at least "straighten" it - but somedays it's not until I start to bed! Just don't like getting into an unmade bed!
7. If you could choose a personal chef or a personal shopper, which would you choose? definitely the chef!
8. Which TV show are you most excited for this Fall? Alabama Football! lol. Seriously - I don't even know what other shows are coming on. I very very rarely watch regular TV.

And I'm tagging Drea, Melissa (who hasn't filled hers out still), and Dustin, and Melia!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am thankful.....

Following Drea, Cassie and Melia and their posts...

I am thankful....because I go home to a wonderful husband who loves me very much and never fails to tell me that he does.

I am thankful....because I go home to a beautiful daughter who loves me very much and always tells me that she does.

I am thankful....because I go home to an awesome son who loves me very much and always tells me that he does.

I am thankful....because my house is now a home, with a family, who has been blessed beyond words this year.

I am thankful....that my home is prayed in numerous times a day.

I am thankful....for our church and for the opportunity to go there four times a week.

I am thankful....for my parents, there are no words to describe why.

I am thankful....for my three brothers, my sister, my 3 sister-in-laws and my 1 brother-in-law, they ALL always give unlimited "love biscuits." :)

I am thankful....that God healed my son's eye, even though the nurse called from school today to tell me he was having problems with it. Get.behind.me.Satan!

I am thankful....for the oodles and bookoodles of friends I have. They are amazing people.

I am thankful....that God saw fit to save our souls, provide us with the perfect jobs that we asked him for and for keeping us safe, healthy and together. He is an awesome God.

...how many people are now singing...."My God is an Awesome God"!?? :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And a few from Maggie's session...

A few more of Ashlea...

Geek Day!

Okay - Geek Day is made for our kids, or at least Kade and Konnor. Check out these pics. And of course one of the Diva - who told me that Divas do not do Geek. You go girl! :)

ETA: The more I look at the picture of Kensley the more I think it should go in the Enquirer. Kensley informed me that she WAS NOT dressing as a geek - that she was going as a ROCKSTAR today. When you look at the picture, it does look like she is a famous rockstar and Melissa is her bodyguard. lol.

ETAA: It's Homecoming week at school - that would be why our kids are dressing up everyday. Yesterday was camouflage day, didn't even think about taking a picture but I can recreate that in a heartbeat and no one will even know. :)