Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Trees in the middle of remodeling....

I moved. Maybe, 3 weeks ago. House is under construction at this time, AND we live there. But it's Christmas!! So up go the trees! Five of them at this time. And I REALLY want to add just one more - okay, I'm contemplating 2 or 3 more but it's probably not going to happen...

I guess during all of the chaos that is my life right now, my brain got overwhelmed and went into shutdown. So a big thanks goes to my friend Lindsey! Poor thing - I called her (more than once), and text her numerous times. She even had to text me pictures of how she did part of her tree. I knew WHAT I wanted - just couldn't seem to get it there!

But I perservered! Is that spelled correctly? Doesn't look right - anyway, I did it! And BEFORE December 1st!! YAY!! Here's pics! (And sorry for the quality - I was being lazy and didn't want to get my flash out.)

Living room tree:

Master bedroom tree:

Kylee's tree in her den in her apartment:

Den tree:

Kade's bedroom tree: I think it's going to be reworked....he up and changed themes on me and now it don't jive.... :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

For those that may not know - New Harmony consists of my brothers, Dustin and Justin, and my cousins, Joe David and Chad, and some really good friends, Cassie, Erica and Dustin M. And they are opening for The Isaacs!

I got my tickets today, the concert is April 1st, 2011. Tickets went on sale today and are selling out fast. If you're interested, better hurry! I'm at the end of the third row; and can't wait!

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