Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines...a little late!

What a GREAT Valentines weekend! Our church has a Valentines party for the young kids every year - however, I don't have young kids anymore. :( So.....I decided to let Kade have ALL the preteens at our house for their own Valentines Day party on Friday night. I love that age. They are just now interested in girlfriends and boyfriends and it's so funny to watch them and listen to them. We had about 35ish kids at the house, and since they can't drive, we had their moms and dads also! :) We had a BLAST! We had some "Minute to Win It" type games for them, and it was so funny. I had set up the studio to take some pictures of the event for those that wanted some. They turned out soooo cute! Here's my PICTURE OVERLOAD!

(We also had a great actual Valentines Day....more pictures from that to come later!)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


No words are needed. We'll let the pictures do most of the talking.....

Kellie Byrd is 30! And she has no clue Shannon was throwing her a surprise birthday party!

Invitations courtesy of the wonderful Shannon Byrd Photography...of course. Just a shameless plug....Easter pictures are coming up!!! :)

Cake courtesy of Pam Byrd (and she has the MOST delicious cupcakes EVER!) Let me or Shannon know if you need the number...we can hook you up. :) And it taste ever bit as good as it looks.

Oh look....Shannon bought Kellie a new Willow Tree figurine.'s the one that's expecting........................!?!?!?!?


And pass the word that we now HAVE to have weddings booked!!! Shannon has to pay for a baby!!! :)

Monday, February 07, 2011

What a weekend.....

Man, a whirlwind weekend....from us...imagine that! :) Friday night I rushed home and started doing some embroidering and sewing, needed some birthday presents. Saturday morning me and the kids and my mom and dad (Lee had to work) got up bright and early and took a little day trip. It's hard having friends in Flat Rock, Alabama - you almost have to pack a suitcase to go there! However, my good friend, cousin, and photography partner in crime's wife, who is a better friend (hehe), was having a birthday and Shannon was throwing her a big SURPRISE bash!! Well, there were LOTS of SURPRISES!!!! BIG ONES!!! Of course I was the official party photographer - and we have not downloaded the pictures yet, but when we do.....ONE of us will let you in on the surprises! Okay...okay....I will go ahead and let you in on one.....KELLIE TURNED THIRTY!!!!! :)

The next one....requires pictures. And I have none yet. So......... :)

Then Saturday night we joined the multitude of people that decided to go to church at Big Cove. Great service! Loved getting to be with family and friends and hanging out afterwards!

Sunday Lee had to work and Kylee had a paper that had to be finished so we hung out at home and then went to church that night. Then went home and watched the end of the Super Bowl. Sorry the Steelers didn't win - but maybe next time!

Anyway............look for more news soon!! :)