Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat...

We decided to set up at the rec center's Trunk or Treat at the city park this year. There were A LOT of kids there! WK hooked up with his friends and they played for hours. It was great because they had a circle of cars that were decorated and the rest was roped off and you didn't have to worry about the kids getting hurt. They also had a haunted hayride through the trails...WK just absolutely refused to go!!! So me and KJ and one of WK's friends and KJ's BF went. I actually got spooked a few times!! I've added pics of WK, he was a vampire but decided he didn't like the teeth - and he didn't want to do his hair in a point and the make-up made his face itch....oh well, he was still kind of spooky! There was a guy dressed like KJ at the halloween carnival we went to last week - we could have never thought of this on our own!!! She has a black eye and a "P" on her shirt....she's a BLACK EYED PEA!!!! hehehe :) Our dog Macy had to have a new costume this time too, she went nuts last year when we put her pumpkin outfit on!!! This year she must have been satisfied with the witch costume because she actually wore it for a while!! Isn't she cute?!?! KJ and I spent an hour decorating our trunk - it was really good!! It was like a cemetery - you can't see it in the pics but we had purple and orange lights on the bottom under the black and we had a skeleton strobe light going. Word of advice...if you hook up lights to the inverter that plugs into your cigarette lighter....make sure you have JUMPER CABLES!!!! We went to leave and the battery was dead as a doorknob!!!! Thanks Coach H for your help!!! :) Anyway...the night was exciting - WK was happy with his candy stash...great night!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay...last post for today (maybe!). Carving pumpkins Saturday night was so much fun!! My brother and sister-in-law have the perfect set up for it. It was all set up on the screened in porch - didn't have to worry as much about the mess and we were still out of the weather. The kids worked on their pumpkins for approximately......5 minutes maybe??? The adults ended up finishing them but we had a blast doing it! My SIL had made taco soup and my BIL grilled hotdogs and we had halloween cupcakes and cookies and cheese dip and chips.....oh my goodness i love this time of the year!!!!! And there is just something about pictures of pumpkins - I love them!! I've added a few to my post. Thank you Brother and SIL for a great night!!!!

Here are a few pics from the football game. We lost 27-20, so so sad!! After the game our boys fought as hard as they could to keep from crying, they wanted to win sooooo bad. Hey guys, I'll let you in on a little's okay to cry...just ask your coaches!! :) So the football season is over. I'll admit, I was pretty upset myself - I love football!!! I'm so proud WK likes it, he had already said he didn't think he would play next year - which would have been fine, but last night he said he couldn't wait until next season, said he just had to play!! Yea!!! So now we start basketball - first game is in about 2 weeks. I've added a few pics from the playoff game.... :(
Monday Morning Update....geez, did I have a weekend?? We packed this one about as full as we could get it! We did rest for a little while Friday night, WK had walk-thrus for football but it didn't last very long so we were home by 6:30ish - ordered a pizza and we crashed at the house! Saturday was a different story!! WK had basketball at 10:00, KJ had softball at 11:00 and WK had to be at his 2nd round football playoff at 12:00 (details in a moment) - left the game, went home got changed and went to my brothers for pumpkin carving and and a halloween party, LOTS OF FUN!! Sunday, we had to run buy a costume - WK had to go to a birthday party for a friend from 2:00 til 5:00, as we were leaving another friend asked us to go to a halloween carnival that their family held every year - so of course, we ran home, changed clothes and went to Eva with them....we are so proud we did!! WK had a blast! One of their family members has a carnival at their house - there were blowup slides and a moon bounce, tattoes, a fish pond, a duck pond, and a huge karaoke stage. Obviously everyone in their family can sing because they were awesome! Most everyone had on a costume - it was hilarious!! Ended up being a semi-late night but very worth it!!! I'll post pictures from the football game and our pumpkins in a separate post!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thursday, 10/25/07:'s been one of those days. Work was rough!! I'm sure it was because I was scheduled to leave early - everything went wrong, but it worked out okay in the end. WK had a football game, first round playoffs! :) It's so cute to watch the boys play - they are so SERIOUS! You can tell they just LOVE the game. I got some great pics thanks to SB!!! Shooting on manual and using available light is not one of my strong points - YET. My friend who is a photographer (Shannon Byrd Photography - check out his website.... - you owe me SB!) has had to endure MANY emails from me lately!! My favorite photography is action shots of my kids who play sports continually - i just had a problem once the sun went down!! Shannon has been giving me great tips - and it obviously worked since you can actually tell who i was taking pics of tonight!! Isn't WK a cutey in that uniform!?!? I just absolutely love it!!!!! Oh yeah, almost forgot...they won! 29-0!!!! Game 2 on Sat. - right after basketball practice!!! :)

Okay....I know what will happen next - when my daughter sees this, I'm in lots of trouble, and then when my son sees it - it will get worse. So, the next two blogs will be for them. This one is for KJ. Her newest pics were made the night of the homecoming dance. Still hard for me to believe I have a junior in high school - I just can't be that old! And WOW - she's beautiful!

Here's a few of my favorite new pics. I have learned when making pictures of my four year old nieces, it's easier just to do what they want! The pictures turned out much better than trying to pose them. Of course it always helps if your models are naturally beautiful (and such hams!)! :) I hope to have pics of my two year old niece in a few keeping her still long enough to snap is going to be a REAL challenge!

Something totally new.....

Okay...this is totally new. I love love love to read all the blogs that the multitude of scrapbookers do. I love to scrapbook, I love photography, and anything to do with a I figure this is the next step. Try blogging and see how it works. It could be nothing but good for me, I'm a single parent of an 8 year son and an almost 17 year old daughter, I LEAD A CRAZY LIFE! (Hence the title of my blog!) My friends and family have offered to lend me a "NO" sign - they say I volunteer for everything and anything, which is true. That's just my personality, if I were to slow down I'd be lost! I will admit - I need to either take some down time or hire a housekeeper!! The latter seems to be more reasonable at the moment - so maybe soon I can walk into a spotless house. Of course, it will last about 2 hours and we'll need her to come back! Anyway, I've always enjoying writing - so I figure this is my outlet. Plus the fact that I like to share my pictures with family and friends and this may be easier!