Monday, September 28, 2009

Hard work pays off!

Congratulations Kade Rogers!
Student Council Vice-President!!!

We worked hard - and it paid off. He did great on his speech Friday. Looked good in his suit (which he calls a "tux")!!! I am so proud of him. He wanted that position and campaigned hard. So excited for him!

To recap the weekend - Friday night Kade and I went to Mikatos with some great friends. Kade and I decided we needed to celebrate the week being over! We were tired!! Saturday he had a football game, man it was a good one! Went into overtime and ended up losing but the kids played great, despite the pouring, torrential, blowing rainfall!! We were drenched!!!

Went by my mom's and had to throw our clothes in the dryer! Melia was there cooking steak sandwiches and we got there right in time for the Alabama game so we stayed there for a while and watched some of the game. Went home after half time and piddled around for a while and then decided to go shop for a little while.

No church Sunday so did a photo shoot and cleaned house and mowed grass. Went to church Sunday night and to Santa Fe afterwards for some supper, home, bed. Up to start it all over again!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where is my Wednesday post??

I ALMOST know I wrote a blog post yesterday! I didn't go back to check it and didn't realize it wasn't there until today. Maybe I didn't. Lord knows this week is hectic, crazy, and downright tiring! Got up at 4:00 a.m. yesterday to make a quick trip to the Chattanooga Airport. :( Was back at work by 9:30ish, after I stopped off to spend a few minutes with my BFF who says she has been recently replaced and is NOT happy. LOL. Anyway, I had stayed up WAAAAYYYYY too late working on the campaign projects - especially to have to get up THAT early! On Wednesday Kade passed out rulers - with cards that said, "KADE ROGERS RULES! VOTE FOR HIM! STUDENT COUNCIL VICE-PRESIDENT!" I thought it was cute - you know, original. Well, leave it to Kade - he informed me that he wasn't going to win, and when I asked why he said, "Because I haven't passed out any candy and those folks want CANDY!" haha. Who knew?! $8.00 for a bag of candy and I could have been finished!?!? GOT.TO.BE.KIDDING! Then he goes on to tell me, "Hey Mom, it can't just be ANY candy, It has to BLOW THEM AWAY!" hehe. Yep, that's my child! Think I took the "if you're going to do something, DO IT RIGHT" thing too far while raising him? Thankfully, his idea of blowing them away was just Hershey bars!!! So today we passed out the Hershey bars but, of course I had to add something to it - a great friend, who knows the campaign trail WELL, offered us a ton of the small flags on sticks - so we added cards to them and passed them out as well. AND - we made badges that said, "I'm voting for Kade Rogers for Student Council Vice-President.....YOU SHOULD TOO!!" And passed them out to kids in all different grades and classes. Whew! Am I ready for this week to be over!! His teacher told me this morning that they were practicing the 2 minute speech he has to give tomorrow to the student body at 1:45 this afternoon - I laughed. I told her we probably should have written that last night but we haven't even started it yet!! Sounds like it's going to be a LOOONNNNGGGGG night, AGAIN!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday on the campaign trail.....

It's Tuesday and we spent several hours last night (and this morning) working on our campaign hand-outs for the day. We did fans (like the ones you see in churches) and on the front of was a big picture of Kade and it said, "Vote for the COOL choice...KADE ROGERS for Student Council Vice-President!" lol. I had a lot going on last night and didn't get started on the fans until late anyway - printed about six of them and guess what!?! The printer ran out of ink!! Me and Kylee ended up at Walmart at 11:00 p.m. to buy ink! I worked on them until 12:30ish and called it a night and then got up at 5:30ish to finish them. I think I'm tired....I'm not positive because I'm past the point of actually being ABLE to think...but I'm sure I am. :) More tomorrow...maybe. Going to be away from the office for a few hours but will try to find the time to update with our Wednesday goodies!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


It's campaign week!! I seriously believe I am raising a politician! Last year you may remember my blog post about Kade running for Student Council Secretary (and won!). This year he is running for Vice-President! We have such a good time together with this project!! And thankfully Dad is in town to help and his sister likes to help on the "campaign committee" too! Today is the first day we could do anything so he passed out Koolaid Squeezits (actually it was "Mondos" I think!) with a card attached that said "Vote for KADE ROGERS - the EXPERIENCED choice!" lol. He's 10, and is very experienced on the political scene! Should I be worried?? He has to give a 3 minute speech on Friday - he has been working on it all week - alone! He is doing a great job with it! We have great things planned for the week - can't tell you what they are - you know, campaign secrets!! ha. I'll try to update everyday and fill everyone in. I am going to edit and post some pictures too. Of course I had to make pictures!!


Had a great weekend! Just hung out really - Kade had a football game on Saturday (won again! 34-6!) Ate supper with some of the fam after that. Watched some football that night. Had to make a doughnut run around 8:00 that night! lol. Church twice and a portrait session on Sunday and had supper at Logans Sunday night. And unfortunately, the weekend was then over! :(

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day!

Ever notice how the simplest things have the greatest impact? Well, I did yesterday. We stay on the go at all times. I ran into my next door neighbor Sunday night after church, at like, 10:00ish. She asked me if I ever spent any time at home., not really! :) And due to the fact that we are NEVER at home, it is always a mess! Well, I had had it. So Kylee and I stayed at home Labor Day morning and actually CLEANED house. What an impact that made on my attitude!! Walking into a clean, fresh house is wonderful. I think I'll pass on some more outings and do it more, yeah right! Actually, I'm thinking of hiring someone to do it for me. Soon. :)

After the cleaning spree we went on an adventure with the fam. ALLLLL the way to Estill Forks, Alabama. If you've never been there - don't ask me how to get there because I would never find my way back!!! It is where the word "boonies" was created!!! However, some friends of my parents have a hunting cabin there, with a creek running behind it. They have rope swings that swing over the creek - it was a young person's heaven. lol. My kids LOVED swinging off the rope and landing right in the middle of the creek. I have pictures - haven't edited them yet but I have them! (I feel a HUGE picture post coming up soon!) And once again...the simplest things...the free things...sometimes make the greatest impact!

Kade's game on Saturday...not so good! They lost, 46-18. Wow - I don't know what that team fed those kids!! Two of their players were taller than the refs!!! NO JOKE!!! This is an 11 and under team?!?!?! Someone joked that if either of them got in their car and left after the game we could assume they were not playing legally!! haha. I thought that was pretty cute.

Friday night the girls got together to sew. Mom cooked of my favs!! We did work on Disney outfits - they are going to be soooo cute! I'm going to make the girls model so we can post some pics. They are soo excited!

Saturday night - church. Sunday - church. Sunday night - church. Then Walmart. Then home and that completed our weekend!! Hope everyone is great!!!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Catching up...

Okay, I am motivated. Seems everyone has a blog recently and I love to read them. I'm going to make a better effort to update mine more!!! I am still going to add the business pictures here, but going to concentrate on adding more of my "life" also.

We are right smack dab in the middle of football. What a sport!! Kade has a love/hate relationship with it - all based on the weather! 95 degree practices in full pads running non-stop is not on his list of greatest things to do. However, 95 degrees during a real problem, loves it. His new thing is sacking the quarterback. On his top lists of things I.AM.GOING.TO.DO.WEEKLY. They are 2-0 in the season, playing VERY WELL!! I will post pictures as soon as I get my computer to cooperate.

Kylee has started her fall semester of college. Got A's during the summer semester. What a great kid!! She loves college! I've been kidding her that she is going to be a professional student since she is so in love with it. Please lord no, Mom can't pay that long!!! :)

Life is great! The future is BRIGHT!! Wish I had a picture of the sunshine to insert here! lol. I feel like I am on a roller coaster right now, my life is making so many turns and flips that some days I feel like I may be sick. Seriously. But it's a GOOD sick (if that's possible).

Look for interesting things to come from the Rogers' household!! We'll update here so check back often!