Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LOTS of posts

Just an FYI....I posted about 6 new blog read away and enjoy!!

And Good Luck to Alyssa!!

Can't believe this one is old enough to graduate! :(

His mom is one of my very best friends. I have watched him grow up since the day he was born. Seems unreal that he is old enough to be out of school! Good Luck to you Jordan!!

Congrats to Cheyenne!!

And a few of some gorgeous little ladies....

Okay...okay...and one of their Mom and Dad too! :)

And congrats to Rese!!

Talking about fun! I think I will take Rese and her "posse" with me on all shoots from now on! :)

Congratulations Luke!

I have shot several seniors this year - just haven't had time to blog about them! They kept me VERY busy! This is my cousin Luke - and as of the time of these pictures....he was single. But that may have! Congratulations Luke!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying to keep my pics safe....

As most everyone knows....I'm crazy over pictures. I have several massive scrapbooks full. And hope to start scrapbooking again soon to complete lots more. But I got to thinking after the tornadoes....I would be SICK if something happened to my pictures. I have my computer backed up on hard drives and I have my actual photography sessions uploaded online and a few of my personal pics online but I have thousands more that I don't want to lose. So.....I set up a shutterfly site for my family and personal pictures. I actually really like it - I can invite members (no one can see them if they aren't invited) and then I can tag them if they are in any of the pictures and they can even order prints or books or download them. And the best thing.....if something were to happen to my house - I still have all of my pics!! YAY for that!!

So - if you want to be a member of my site - you can send a request.....go to (sorry - the hyperlink refuses to work!). I will consider making you a friend... :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

We decided to just cook at home for Mother's Day this year. I'm not one who likes to fight crowds and wait for an hour or two to be seated. So everyone came to our house for lunch after church and we grilled. It was still a little rushed but so much better at home!

The guys did the grilling.

My handsome and sweetie of a husband who bought me THREE new peony bushes...even though I only asked for one! :)

The guys just hanging out outside.

The boys just being the boys...which is probably not good. There is no telling what they had been in to.

Harley hunting the Easter eggs that Keelie and Kensley hid for my living room?? lol. Oh well....kept them entertained for a while.

I laughed when I looked at this picture....the one where Alicia is standing at the stove looking like she is in to some cooking....hahahaha...sometimes pictures are deceiving. lol! Even though - her seven layer salad rocked.

And of course we can't not make pictures of this. Poor child - we fight over her constantly.

And is this not the cutest little child ever? I love to take her picture - she HATES for me to take her picture! lol. But we played a little game. I told her she BETTER NOT look at me. lol

And some one was trying to take their doll back because they were leaving....

And last but not least....all of my beautiful flowers that I got for Mother's Day. I love them and the people that gave them to me soooo much!!!! I was in the yard planting them at 6:45 a.m. this morning. I can't wait to watch them grow!