Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh my goodness....

Just a recap for my book that I am planning on turning this blog into: We have gone and gone and gone and gone some more! Week before last I (Lee had to work a couple of nights) went to church every night at Huntsville. And then went on Saturday night and to Scottsboro on Sunday morning and Huntsville on Sunday night and Scottsboro again Monday night and Williams Cove Tuesday night and Huntsville Wednesday night. Thursday night I had agreed to shoot some engagement pics so I worked that night. Lee and I had not had a night with just us since we got married so we decided to go on a "date" Friday night. Went to Conners at Bridgestreet to eat and it was awesome! Of course, it could have just been the company. Food could have been gross and I would probably have never known! :) Saturday night we went to Huntsville, Sunday to Pleasant Oak and Sunday night we went to Oak Grove and then to Karen and Nicky's for a while after church. I really want to go to Oak Grove every night this week. Don't know if it will actually happen. Lee has to close three nights so me and the kids will have to go but I really would like to.

I thought I would be totally exhausted but I'm really not. I still feel pretty good! My feet are telling me to buy new shoes though!! :)

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Enjoy the warm weather! :)

I do have some new pictures!! That pesky Verizon aircard is still messed up at our house so I'll have to go back and add them later!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


What a difference a day makes....or maybe a few! God has added a chapter in my fairytale and life at my house is....BRIGHT! It's kind of funny, we live in a little 50-something year old house that before last week was so dingy and dark to me. But the last few days, I have woke up thinking "Wow, it's so bright and beautiful here!" I have caught myself lying in bed smiling, even laughed out loud a few times, before I drifted off to sleep, and then woke up smiling in the morning. I am amazed at what God has done for our family. I am amazed at the feeling in my home. I am amazed at how my marriage has grown and bloomed in five days. The relationship I have with my husband is at a new level that I never knew existed. (Have I mentioned that I have an awesome husband!?) My LIFE is at a new level that I never knew existed!

"Because I prayed all night, because I held on with all of my might, my cries have awoken the Master!" And what a feeling that is!!