Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am soooo thankful that #1 - SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! I was ready for a break and I know Kade was!! Today was his awards and I joked that we had had such a hard year that I really didn't see the point in going. But we did, of course. And he got TEN (10) AWARDS!! I don't have them in front of me and can't name them all but he got a FIRST PLACE AR reading award for his class (!!!!), a Student Council Vice-President award, a Science Fair Participation award (ugh...we earned that one), an award for having his art shown at Panoply, an award for having his art shown at the Art Museum, an award for being on Safety Patrol, an award for being the "Flag Person" (he puts it up and down every day), and a couple of others. He also got to start the program by leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance!

He also got his report card today and after all of the turmoil we seem to have had over grades this year - he had an A, 4 B's and 1 C! I am excited over those grades!! lol.

I have learned that even though he doesn't always have the best grades, he seems to be an excellent leader. So I try to encourage him in his strong points! And I remind myself daily that he is not his sister who always had excellent grades!! :) He really has turned out to be a really great kid. He is always willing to help people and seems to be more mature than some his age. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU KADE!!

(I do have pictures!!!!! Will post them a little later!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a weekend!!

I have been soooo frustrated with myself! I had this awesomely crazy wild busy weekend. And I never even picked up my camera to take not one picture!! What is up with me?? I seem to pick it up less and less. And then, it comes time to blog, and I am just mad at myself for it! What good is a blog with NO pictures!? I mean...come on! I am going to do better. I am going to do better. I am going to do better.....maybe.

I hate when life just takes over and you get so into it that you leave behind the small things. I love my camera. I love pictures. But life has consumed me lately. ( and laundry. But can I just say - for the first time in a month - I have one...maybe two at the most...loads of laundry to do!! Yay me!!!) I want to work on that. I want to figure out a way to keep the house clean, the laundry done and supper on the table....and still have the small things on a daily basis. I haven't sewn in ages. I love that too. How would I fit it in?!? Any suggestions are welcome.... :)

Off the soapbox...

Friday night was the Singing at the Lake. LOVE that singing. Try to go every year. Lee had to work (of course) so me and the kids went with Becky and Hilary because Paul was out of town. We had a blast! Saturday morning we got up waaaayy early and went yard selling - which I also LOVE! Then went to Joe David's surprise 30th birthday, then went to Grayson's 5th birthday (loved hanging out with the girls!!!!!!!! Conversations were awesome!!! :) ) But since I had taken some time off from the house - HAD to go back to the laundry and dirt!!! Spent all day Sunday cleaning and doing laundry. Sunday night Lee and I hit the grocery store so we would actually have food to eat. And all of the sudden, it was Monday again!

I still stand by my recent rant....weekends should be 5 days and the work week should be 3 days!!!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please hurry SUMMER!

Wow. I need summer to get here in a hurry. Otherwise, my accident prone child is going to have something serious happen or his mother is going to seriously hurt him. lol. The kid has come home early from school at least one day a week for I know three weeks and I really believe it's four, I just don't remember what the fourth week was for! Everytime I see the school's number pop up on my cell phone, I wonder what he has done this time. The first week, he fell in PE and hurt his shoulder. We picked him up and took a trip to the doctor. He xrayed it like 3 times and decided he had messed up his rotator cuff. Ugh. However, the doctor said everytime he moved it Kade was in pain because it was swollen so to bring him back in a week so they could make a decision as to what to do. Well, the next night he was throwing a football with that arm so I decided he was fine on my own. :)

Fast forward to the next calls, Kade is having a terrible asthma attack. Can't find his inhaler. I had mine in my purse. Lee was at home but no inhaler there. So.....Lee picks him up and brings him to my office. He uses the inhaler, he's fine. That night. His inhaler miraculously shows up in his backpack. Again...UGH.

So.....Tuesday of this week. Cell phone rings. Guess who!? Yep, you guessed it - it's the school! I answer. Kade was in PE....fell and hurt his ankle. Looks kind of bad. He can't walk on it. Lee is on nights and is at home. He goes and gets him on his way to work. Brings him to my office. Kade comes limping down the stairs. Funny thing, we get home. That ankle doesn't seem to cause not one problem when he jumps on that dirt bike and starts it!! All together now.....UGH UGH UGH!

Friday, May 07, 2010


Two posts in one day. Wanted to post this picture but had not uploaded it yet. Can we just chalk this up to, "Boys will be boys," and go on with life? Because if not, I'm going to dwell on "what could have happened" and cry some more.

I have a love/hate relationship with the dirtbike. I love it just because of the fact that it gives my son hours and hours of fun. He loves it. All of our boys have one and they ride and ride and ride and ride and ride and ride.

However, Kade's has now been flipped front over back...which resulted in a broke collarbone. A month or so ago Konnor ran his off the gravel road, down the embankment and into the creek (you really should hear Kade's version of that story - SUPPOSEDLY, the dirtbike was ON TOP of Konnor and he had to save him from drowning....let's just say he has a wonderful imagination and I'm not REAL sure that is the true version of the story. Of course Konnor's version is that Kade was riding too close to him and Kade RAN him off of the road into the creek....we'll never know what really happened.) And then of course there have been numerous other little incidents.

Well, last night, Kade was riding and Konnor was on back. Kade didn't see the rope that my uncle had strung up to level some fencing he was doing....obviously, because he hit it full force and clotheslined himself with it. He was lucky. It was rope. The result was a bad looking rope burn with a very small cut place.

Thank you God for it not being barbed wire.


I am SOOOO proud it Friday! I need the weekend. I really needed it yesterday. Who was it that made five day WORK weeks? Don't you think it should be two day work weeks and five day weekends?? I totally think so. I can't seem to get done what I want to get done. How am I supposed to clean and do photography and scrapbook and sew and shop and go to church three times all in two days? You know, when you write that down, it makes much less sense!

I have once again got in the sewing mood. Have completed lots of embroidery lately. I will have to post some pics later. Finished several gifts so I'll have to give them to them before I show pictures!

Not much happening today - thank goodness! Plan on hanging around the house and doing the mountains of laundry that I have! And plan on trying to stay cool!! Did you know the high for today is 91 degrees!!!! We need a pool!!!! :)

I will leave you with some of the wedding pictures that Shannon Byrd so graciously took for me!! I did the editing on a lot of them so you will probalby notice a difference from his normal - we have much different editing ideas! Well, actually, it's probably more of a....he knows HOW to edit and I don't!! :)

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wonderful weekend

Lee was actually off the past weekend. Very few and far between!! We had all of these home projects lined up to take care of on was supposed to be rainy all day so I just knew I would get my house all clean, and he was going to take care of repairs we needed....haha, funny. We did sleep late, and got up and went out to sit on the deck (our favorite, we are NOT old!) Melia called and said she was cooking without missing a beat we said, "We'll be right there! And tell Jeremy we're going fishing after that!" So, off we fled. Funny how minds can change in a split second! It was great fishing weather! And I caught a fish!!!! Go ME!!!! :) See pics below!

Sunday we went to church and afterwards we were having "Senior Day" so I had cooked for that and we spent time with friends and family and had lunch. Went back to church Sunday night and then made a Krystal run and went home.

Have you noticed how the weekends just fly by!?! It just aggravates me when Monday rolls around!! lol. And it didn't make it any easier knowing that Lee is closing six nights in a row. That means I get up and go to work while he sleeps in and then he gets up and goes to work and comes home after all of us are in bed. Ugh. I guess that means life is beginning to get normal again. Even though I would like to be able to see my husband!! I DID just get married you know!!

Warm wishes!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Yay Kade!!

Once again Kade had art displayed at the Huntsville Museum of Art. This is his second piece that they have had on exhibit during Youth Art Month. We have not had a chance to go see in the actual museum but Kylee had to go there for her Art class so I told her to make pictures.....well, I forgot to specify that I wanted a picture of the plaque with his name on it! lol. Isn't it very creative? Way to go Kade!