Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Instagram phone dump....

The small sunroom tree:

The den tree:

The living room tree which looks short and dumpy...it's not - the top just wouldn't fit in the picture!:

And the sweet little angel:

There are four more. Just didn't get their pictures made last night....maybe another phone dump soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding music....

I have been trying to figure out how to upload a song to a blog. I think I have finally figured it out! I wanted everyone to be able to click on it and listen to it, but not have to listen to it the whole time you were reading my posts!

As most of you know, Kylee and Erik are both great singers. (They're mine - I can brag!) I BEGGED them to sing to each other at the wedding, but NOOOOOOOO, they refused! :( However, one night at church, Bro. Rob Buckner came up to them and told them he had written several songs that would be perfect for a bride and groom to sing to each other at their wedding. They agreed to at least LISTEN to them. And there was one that they both loved. Now, I didn't get my way - but I think what they did was even better. They were convinced that their nerves would not allow them to sing live that day - so they went to see good ole Uncle Dusty....who just happens to have a recording studio at his house. And they recorded the song and Dustin added music.

We had been so busy with wedding preparations that I had not even heard the recording until it was played at the wedding - and I was very impressed! They did such a great job!!!

I want everyone to be able to hear it! So here's my attempt! Hope it works!!

"Time Stood Still" Written by Bro. Rob Buckner, Vocals by Erik and Kylee Aragaki

(Sidenote: You have to hit the green "download" button to listen. And every once in a while - it tries to redirect to a game place - don't go there, just hit the "x" in the right hand upper corner and it will go back to where you can download it.)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Just a quick pic.....

Taken from our front porch (via Instagram):