Monday, July 26, 2010

Told ya.....

Yep - I still take some.... :)

Just a quick update....

Kade started being able to see a little yesterday! I have felt all along that he would be okay but it's so hard to press on and be positive at all times! We were sitting at John and Carla's after church yesterday and he told me he could read the clock on the wall and their TV had a little bitty teeny red light on it and he said, "I can see that red light on that TV." You have to really watch him because he CAN see with one eye so I made him cover his good eye and questioned him and he really could see some!

Had an awesome time yesterday at Rocky Branch! Lee and I got to be with our running buddies for the first time since we got back together and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was such a great feeling to get to be with them - seemed like old times except for we are all married now - and talking about how OLD we were! lol. And thanks Jen for that sudden realization that she had while we were sitting around the table, "MARTY!!!! YOU HAVE GRAY HAIR!!!" lol. Uh yeah, and obviously I didn't fix my hair the right way if you're seeing it! :)

So thankful for our wonderful life today! (And every day!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ever felt like you were in a whirlwind? Come join me. It's an exhausting feeling! lol. Waiting on some inspections, etc., but believe the house is the first person who called! That means we are in the process of packing, already moved some things actually. Soooo excited about the new house!! I just cannot wait!! Hopefully things will work out so that we can start Kade at the new school at the beginning of the year. I just hate to start one school and pull him out and start another one. We shall see...

Speaking of Kade....I laughed when I was thinking of what I was going to blog about today. I kind of feel like this blog has turned into a diary of Kade's mishaps...and boy do we have a doozy of a new one! Sunday afternoon after church Kade went to a friend's house after church. And you know, boys will be boys! The boys had an air soft gun out playing around and.....Kade got shot in the eye. I really thought it would be fine's not. Took him to the eye doctor and they immediately sent him to a specialist - who he is now seeing EVERY day. He has a bleed behind his cornea and if they can get it stopped, the chances of his vision being unaffected are great, if they can't get it stopped, we have a problem. you know how you try to stop a bleed behind a cornea, other than meds?! You lay flat - 24/7, except to go to the bathroom and to eat (quickly!). They say probably at least two weeks, but possibly two months!?! Have you ever tried to make an eleven year old lay flat without any sudden movements or getting up!?! NOT.AN.EASY.TASK!!!!! So...please pray - FOR ME! Kade seems to be doing fine. No pain except for a headache every once in a while. As for me, Lee told me yesterday that I really needed to quit being hysterical - which I definitely was. I was trying to deal with doctors and specialist and pharmacies (ugh! ugh! UGH!). And let me just rant a moment - don't you think if you walk into a pharmacy with an 11 year old who has a kind of thing, on his eye - and he's laid back in a chair and his mother is squalling - COULD THE PHARMACY TECHS NOT BE A LITTLE NICER! I was good - I didn't say a word. But oh my goodness, by the time I left that place, WITHOUT MY PRESCRIPTIONS, I was most definitely a hysterical person on the inside!!!! I would still love to go back and see that same little girl and tell her that she really needs to have a heart!!!! Off my rant now.....

Everyone stay cool and BE SAFE!!!! And don't let your kids have air soft guns - better yet - DON'T BUY YOUR KIDS GUNS AT ALL!!! Just my opinion of course.... :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Whoaaaaa LIFE!!!!

I would love to say, "Whoaaaaa....hey life....I NEED you to slow down and let me catch up!" But...I won't. We have been blessed with such amazing changes in the past two and a half months that I would be afraid to say slow down, instead, I'll just say, "Keep up the good work God!" :) And I will follow by saying, "Keep on mind and body will catch up eventually!!" lol.

Lee and I got married April 15th, he moved in to our 1562 square foot house. We have two grown kids and it's a little....tight? Lee had transferred with Lowes and started his job here on April 17th. (Nice honeymoon, huh?!) Lee received the holyghost on June 16th, I received it on June 18th. We were baptized on July 4th, July 5th we found out that Lee had made Store Manager - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I think his first day on the new job is July 10th. AND - DRUM ROLL!!!!! We are in the process of buying a new house - just waiting on the old one to sell so we can move!!!! See - all that in 2.5 months - things that usually take months and months have all happened NOW! 'Praise the Jesus' as Kensley would say!! :)

So, if you call and I seem just totally out there or if you text and I don't respond or if you see me and I don't even seem to know you. Please over look it for a little while. I am really hoping to get all of these things settled and behind us so we can live our peaceful little family life soon!

And I can't WAIT to have company and entertain at the NEW HOUSE!!! Space!!! We have space!!! And LOTS of room for teenagers!!! And LOTS of room for little (almost big) boys!!! And we're excited!!!

Here's the moral of the story..... MY HOUSE IS FOR SALE!! EMAIL, CALL, TEXT!!! PRICED TO SALE FAST!!!