Friday, June 26, 2009

WoW! It's been THAT LoNg.....Really????

I so did not realize it had been over a month since I posted!! I guess it's true....time flies when you're having fun. Or when you have a ball tournament that last FoReVeR (btw - WAY TO GO INDIANS!! #2 in the County! Awesome job!!) and then a revival...or get really really sick...or your kids get really really sick... We are finished with baseball (here we come FOOTBALL!), revival is over, I'm on the mend, Kade is pretty much well, Kylee...we're still working on her - maybe tonight is the night and she will wake up perfect in the morning! nephew stayed over and we just hung out. Kade and Konnor fixed us a delicious homemade pizza (seriously!!) and then they donned their chef attire (no clue why I don't have a pic of that!!) - REAL chef attire by the way, big hats, white jackets and aprons and served me. They even cleaned the table and put the dishes away. And then they brought me a piece of paper - this is not a new thing for Kade and I, he tends to love to cook and always has to have the proper uniform, but normally, at the end, I get a bill. And I'm expected to pay (hellloooo??? Didn't I BUY the food to begin with?!?!) AND leave a tip! lol. However, tonight, when I looked at my "bill", it said, "Your dinner is on the house...It's free." AWWWWW!!!! Then we settled down to watch "Princess Protection Program." That was my choice of course, although, secretly, I think the boys wanted to watch it just as bad! Sooo....I watched the movie, edited some pics of a wedding from 2 weeks ago (pics up next!) and just tried to relax a little (yeah right!) Hope everyone is great! I'm adding some pics from pizza night! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

And a few of my sweet little chefs...without uniforms, because I'm just bad like that... :)

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