Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Trees in the middle of remodeling....

I moved. Maybe, 3 weeks ago. House is under construction at this time, AND we live there. But it's Christmas!! So up go the trees! Five of them at this time. And I REALLY want to add just one more - okay, I'm contemplating 2 or 3 more but it's probably not going to happen...

I guess during all of the chaos that is my life right now, my brain got overwhelmed and went into shutdown. So a big thanks goes to my friend Lindsey! Poor thing - I called her (more than once), and text her numerous times. She even had to text me pictures of how she did part of her tree. I knew WHAT I wanted - just couldn't seem to get it there!

But I perservered! Is that spelled correctly? Doesn't look right - anyway, I did it! And BEFORE December 1st!! YAY!! Here's pics! (And sorry for the quality - I was being lazy and didn't want to get my flash out.)

Living room tree:

Master bedroom tree:

Kylee's tree in her den in her apartment:

Den tree:

Kade's bedroom tree: I think it's going to be reworked....he up and changed themes on me and now it don't jive.... :)


Lindsey said...

They are beautiful!!! Ribbon looks good too.

Sherrill said...

Well, call me simpleminded, but I'm just excited about your new home!!!! Trees or no trees!!! LOL

PS: The trees are beautiful - and LOVE all that wood in the den!