Friday, January 07, 2011

Exciting changes!!!

As if I need MORE exciting changes in my As most know, Shannon Byrd and I have been teaming up on numerous photography projects lately. Well guess what!? We are now making some official changes in the "Shannon Byrd Photography" business and hope to steer the business into the wedding market more for 2011! So please pass the word - tell your friends - tell all of those people that got new diamonds over the holidays! I am excited. I LOVE shooting weddings. But you just cannot get the coverage and the photos you need with just one photographer. So this is great! And we both possess different qualities that help each other - he is so good at the technical parts and I'm better at the creative we think together our wedding photography is going to excel! We have shot several weddings together already - but working together on a full-time basis gives us the opportunity to work out the kinks and get into a groove and improve. (I think I will make that our mission statement..."Getting into a groove which gives us the opportunity to improve!" :) Shannon will love it. lol.

We have set up a new blog just for the wedding portion of the business. It's still a little blah at the moment but give us a little will be spruced up soon! And look for a sneak peek of our latest wedding that we shot in December VERY soon! Please visit the blog and be one of our "followers!"

And pass the word about the business if you don't care. We have both shot numerous weddings and are very experienced. Your word of mouth advertising is the best advertising we could ask for!


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