Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Where do you begin?

My goodness...

Number one: I am soooo far behind. Blogging, editing photos, cleaning, laundry. I had lost control a few weeks back. I promise to try to get caught up. I have pictures that I have finished that have not even been uploaded. Will work on that very soon.

Number two: Our state was pummeled with deadly tornados on Wednesday. Our property is fine but even more important, our family is fine. We have friends that are not fine. I feel so helpless. We didn't have power from Wednesday night until Sunday night but that was the worst of our problems. And compared to others - it wasn't even a problem. Except that it made #1 that much worse. Still....not really a problem.

We made the best of it. Lee is a store manager for Lowes - they had HUGE generators in place already, they were prepared and they were open. So needless to say - he worked. I was/am so proud of him. He worked hard and never complained.

Dustin works for the utilities as a pole setter - needless to say - there were poles down everywhere. So he was also working...actually, he still is. He and Lee neither one have had a day off yet. They are working long hours and hard days. I'm sure they are exhausted. But yet, I don't believe either of them have said a word about it.

While the guys worked - me and Melissa tried to keep our families taken care of. Luckily, in between tornado warnings on Wednesday night, we decided (for some reason that has left me now????) to make a mad dash to Publix. So we had some things. Unfortunately, when we walked out of Publix, we were under ANOTHER tornado warning. My nerves did not hold up well. :) But they did hold up well enough to think to take a picture....it's saved on my computer as "grocery shopping during the tornado." ha.

After that, we kept the roads hot. Thursday we left and headed to Pulaski. Dad's wheelchair and bed are electric. We had to have a generator. Lee was getting a truck in but we didn't know when, we heard Tractor Supply in Pulaski had some so we headed there to try to snag one and get gas. When we were stopped in traffic on I-65 we heard that City Lumber in Big Cove were getting generators in an hour. We called and sent Mom there right then. She walked in and they let her pay for one and she only had to wait about thirty minutes. But then we needed gas to run it. We finally got to Pulaski and went to Walmart - wow. LOTS of folks from our area there and LOTS of things were already sold out. But we got most of what we needed.

Friday or Saturday one (is it just me or did everyone have a hard time keeping up with what day it was?! One day I went all day long thinking it was another day and Dustin informed me that night I was wrong!) Anyway, Goody decided she also wanted a generator so I once again call Lee - and thank you Lord, he had JUST got a truck in of them and he grabbed us one. So here Mo and I go again....this time to Hartselle where Lee's store is, however, their Burger King had power so at least we had some fast food!! lol. It's the small things in life.... :)

I think that was Friday, because Melia had power on Saturday if I'm not mistaken so we went to Grant that day to spend the day at her house. It was a beautiful day so we actually just hung out on the deck and soaked up some sun. And ordered pizza and hot wings! I did get a load of laundry done at her house though. My husband was thankful - he was worried about having clean socks! :)

Sunday we got a text from Stephanie saying some people were doing some donation drives for the Higdon area where a lot of our friends live (and where some of them lost their lives. The stories are heartbreaking and bonechilling all at the same time.) Mo and I decide we'll call a few people. And that's what we did - called just a FEW people. And in the matter of a very few hours - like maybe 2-3 - we had three SUVs and a car AND a trailer jam packed FULL of stuff!!! Melia had made a few calls too so we went back to Grant and met her and Melissa's mom and dad. It was so much that we were going to take it to a dropoff place in Scottsboro but it was kind of crazy to unload all that and then someone else have to load it again so we took on to Higdon. And then we all stayed and helped unload it and sort it and organize it. It was a LONG day and we were completely exhausted but felt like we had at least tried to help a little. I wish it could have been more but you just do not know what to do!

These are pics of just what 5 or so people donated. Melissa's car was packed to the ceiling!

These are bad pictures I know - I was so not into bringing out the big camera. I think it's time to buy me a point and shoot to carry in my purse. These were taken on my cell phone.

And then Monday - it was back to work. Talking about having trouble getting back in to the swing of things!!! I can't figure out what normal is anymore!!

Pray for all of those that have lost family members and friends. And pray for those that have lost all of their possessions. I can't imagine. I am soooo attached to pictures. I just keep thinking, "their pictures are gone." All of their memories. I know they are just grateful to be alive but how truly sad it is to think they have nothing.

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The Brewer FireFighters said...

its been crazy the past week and I can't believe its been a week!!! looking at your pictures and your blog i want to cry! I haven't been able to go to mom and dads and it has been so hard on me and I know once I see the damage up there that I am going to be a basket case.. i lost several friends and wasnt able to go to the funeral. am thankful though that yall donated to the area its greatly apprecaited!! i will be taking my own stuff there too this weekend! we were supposed to have the davis family reunion this saturday and now it is at my parents as a reunion and clean up day to help them.