Wednesday, October 05, 2011

One month...four weeks...PANIC

I have hit panic mode here. Kylee will be getting married one month from today. AGGGGHHHHHH! I keep going over and over in my head what I like being done with the's not a good scenario.....any way that I play it! :)

The days are flying by! We are down two out of six showers/teas/events! (SIX!?) I'm so proud of the person she is today! And obviously so is everyone else. They have SHOWERED her and Erik in wonderful, beautiful gifts. They should come out of this with EVERYTHING they need to start a life lots of extras!

If you see me on the street wondering around, looking dazed and lost....please point me in the right direction. Or call someone. I feel like I live in a fog right now. Poor Lee. Maybe by the first of the year I will have it all pulled back together and function normally again! :)

Fun, fun, fun!!!


Lacey MaRanda said...

those are the cutest pictures I have seen on engagement pictures. When Peyton get married (at age 85) you will be her photographer right?

Marty said...

Lacey - I create....Shannon's a team effort! But we will definitely take the pictures...just don't know about the 85 years thing....not sure either of us will be alive! :)

TaylorB said...

Those pictures are sooo good!!

The Pritchett Parade said...

Love the pictures!! Beautiful as always!!

The Brewer FireFighters said...

ohhh love the pictures!! so cute!!