Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Loving it....

Lee and I both bought new iPhones a few months back. I liked it. Didn't see any thing majorly big about it. UNTIL......I found Instagram. I LOVE Instagram (okay, and I have a slight addiction to Words with Friends - username "Marty Rogers" if anyone wants to play.) Back to Instagram - my username there is mkrogers3081. Have any of you used it? I just love the pics - maybe because I'm a photographer. You take pictures with your phone and then you can use their filters to change the way it looks. Aaaaahhhhh! My kind of thing! Yesterday, I found out (by googling) that you can download your Instagram pics to your desktop. Which means.....I can now share them on my blog! So here are a few pics from my phone!

The picture I sent to my husband at work one day. His response, "Oh no you are not!" My response, "Oh yes I already did! :)"

Kylee and Erik's wedding.

Our sweet baby.

Cooking orange blossoms.....YUM!

Me and the kids....very bored at Lowes while ordering Kylee's carpet.


Lindsey said...

I sooo want an orange blossom!!!

Nickie G said...

Okay, I'm already slightly addicted (thanks to Mo) to Words with Friends(NickieG123) - Love it - even though I'm not real good at it!!! ;0) Guess I will now have to try instagram, cause I love pictures!!

The Pritchett Parade said...

addicted to words with friends I am puddin0408 I will have to check out instagram! Thanks

Kylee. said...

"slightly addicted" is not the case to you're ever pricking at that phone because of Words with Friends :)Glad you found a way to share the pictures!