Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Whoaaaaa LIFE!!!!

I would love to say, "Whoaaaaa....hey life....I NEED you to slow down and let me catch up!" But...I won't. We have been blessed with such amazing changes in the past two and a half months that I would be afraid to say slow down, instead, I'll just say, "Keep up the good work God!" :) And I will follow by saying, "Keep on going...my mind and body will catch up eventually!!" lol.

Lee and I got married April 15th, he moved in to our 1562 square foot house. We have two grown kids and it's a little....tight? Lee had transferred with Lowes and started his job here on April 17th. (Nice honeymoon, huh?!) Lee received the holyghost on June 16th, I received it on June 18th. We were baptized on July 4th, July 5th we found out that Lee had made Store Manager - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I think his first day on the new job is July 10th. AND - DRUM ROLL!!!!! We are in the process of buying a new house - just waiting on the old one to sell so we can move!!!! See - all that in 2.5 months - things that usually take months and months have all happened NOW! 'Praise the Jesus' as Kensley would say!! :)

So, if you call and I seem just totally out there or if you text and I don't respond or if you see me and I don't even seem to know you. Please over look it for a little while. I am really hoping to get all of these things settled and behind us so we can live our peaceful little family life soon!

And I can't WAIT to have company and entertain at the NEW HOUSE!!! Space!!! We have space!!! And LOTS of room for teenagers!!! And LOTS of room for little (almost big) boys!!! And we're excited!!!

Here's the moral of the story..... MY HOUSE IS FOR SALE!! EMAIL, CALL, TEXT!!! PRICED TO SALE FAST!!!


Stephanie T said...

SO happy for the real life fairy tale that IS your life :)

Cassie said...

So could you please tell your wonderful praying daughter to start praying for my husband and that my house will sale and we'll find our dream house also? Like by the end of the year please? Just to give her a little time to work with ;)