Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Geek Day!

Okay - Geek Day is made for our kids, or at least Kade and Konnor. Check out these pics. And of course one of the Diva - who told me that Divas do not do Geek. You go girl! :)

ETA: The more I look at the picture of Kensley the more I think it should go in the Enquirer. Kensley informed me that she WAS NOT dressing as a geek - that she was going as a ROCKSTAR today. When you look at the picture, it does look like she is a famous rockstar and Melissa is her bodyguard. lol.

ETAA: It's Homecoming week at school - that would be why our kids are dressing up everyday. Yesterday was camouflage day, didn't even think about taking a picture but I can recreate that in a heartbeat and no one will even know. :)

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