Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figured it out! After many many hours of research and emails to SB I finally got my pics off of my card. I had to download two different plugins which was not an easy task since I only have dial-up internet on my desktop that I play with pictures on. Going from DSL at work to dial-up is like culture shock. I can't believe that's all I have as much as I am on a computer but the DSL in our area is just ridiculously high. Oh well...I'll manage for now. I sure do wish Santa would bring me a new laptop with an aircard in it for Christmas though.... ANYHOO - the pics of my niece are just amazing to me. Shooting pics in RAW is just a dramatic difference...yes Shannon you can say you told me so. I'm so excited!! Now I just need to come up with a picture of my kids for my Christmas card....uploading the pics now....comment me and let me know what you think!! I can just see my new scrapbook pages now - finally the pics I've been trying to get!!!