Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have new pictures...however, I got brave and shot them in a new format and they are now stuck on my camera and I can't get them off. I've been told that if I ever get them downloaded that I will just love them because the new format will show the colors much better. I was hanging out at my Mom's this weekend (due to a major water leak at my house :( ) Anyway, I set me a studio up in the garage and called my SIL and told her to send me my two year old in she comes with a HUGE bag full of clothes and hairbows and shoes. We had sooooo much fun. My niece is the most hilarious little child you could ever meet. We took pictures FOREVER!! I'll post them as soon as I manage to get them off the camera....which better be soon because WK has a basketball game Saturday and I have to clear that card!! I may have to end up visiting Shannon the photographer for some help!!!!!! It's just killing me because I can't play with them yet!

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