Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catching up!

Well, my crazy life has been even crazier lately! So....I'm going to play catch up on my blog. I have several different things I want to post so hopefully I can get them all done now. First one, I took pictures of a few of my favorite Christmas things. Stuff around the house. I love how the colors turn out in Christmas decorations. I'm posting a couple of pics and then I'm going to do separate posts of some other. One of the pics is a basket of glass ornaments - I don't know why something so simple and inexpensive is one of my favorite things but it is. It's kind of strange...beings I have expensive taste !! :) The other thing is books - SNOWMEN books to be exact. Don't know why again, but I love them. I've always liked snowmen but I especially love the books. I actually have a huge stack of children's Christmas books but the snowmen ones are my favorites!

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