Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Something totally new.....

Okay...this is totally new. I love love love to read all the blogs that the multitude of scrapbookers do. I love to scrapbook, I love photography, and anything to do with a computer...so I figure this is the next step. Try blogging and see how it works. It could be nothing but good for me, I'm a single parent of an 8 year son and an almost 17 year old daughter, I LEAD A CRAZY LIFE! (Hence the title of my blog!) My friends and family have offered to lend me a "NO" sign - they say I volunteer for everything and anything, which is true. That's just my personality, if I were to slow down I'd be lost! I will admit - I need to either take some down time or hire a housekeeper!! The latter seems to be more reasonable at the moment - so maybe soon I can walk into a spotless house. Of course, it will last about 2 hours and we'll need her to come back! Anyway, I've always enjoying writing - so I figure this is my outlet. Plus the fact that I like to share my pictures with family and friends and this may be easier!

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