Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thursday, 10/25/07: Well...it's been one of those days. Work was rough!! I'm sure it was because I was scheduled to leave early - everything went wrong, but it worked out okay in the end. WK had a football game, first round playoffs! :) It's so cute to watch the boys play - they are so SERIOUS! You can tell they just LOVE the game. I got some great pics thanks to SB!!! Shooting on manual and using available light is not one of my strong points - YET. My friend who is a photographer (Shannon Byrd Photography - check out his website.... http://www.byrdprophoto.com/ - you owe me SB!) has had to endure MANY emails from me lately!! My favorite photography is action shots of my kids who play sports continually - i just had a problem once the sun went down!! Shannon has been giving me great tips - and it obviously worked since you can actually tell who i was taking pics of tonight!! Isn't WK a cutey in that uniform!?!? I just absolutely love it!!!!! Oh yeah, almost forgot...they won! 29-0!!!! Game 2 on Sat. - right after basketball practice!!! :)

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