Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat...

We decided to set up at the rec center's Trunk or Treat at the city park this year. There were A LOT of kids there! WK hooked up with his friends and they played for hours. It was great because they had a circle of cars that were decorated and the rest was roped off and you didn't have to worry about the kids getting hurt. They also had a haunted hayride through the trails...WK just absolutely refused to go!!! So me and KJ and one of WK's friends and KJ's BF went. I actually got spooked a few times!! I've added pics of WK, he was a vampire but decided he didn't like the teeth - and he didn't want to do his hair in a point and the make-up made his face itch....oh well, he was still kind of spooky! There was a guy dressed like KJ at the halloween carnival we went to last week - we could have never thought of this on our own!!! She has a black eye and a "P" on her shirt....she's a BLACK EYED PEA!!!! hehehe :) Our dog Macy had to have a new costume this time too, she went nuts last year when we put her pumpkin outfit on!!! This year she must have been satisfied with the witch costume because she actually wore it for a while!! Isn't she cute?!?! KJ and I spent an hour decorating our trunk - it was really good!! It was like a cemetery - you can't see it in the pics but we had purple and orange lights on the bottom under the black and we had a skeleton strobe light going. Word of advice...if you hook up lights to the inverter that plugs into your cigarette lighter....make sure you have JUMPER CABLES!!!! We went to leave and the battery was dead as a doorknob!!!! Thanks Coach H for your help!!! :) Anyway...the night was exciting - WK was happy with his candy stash...great night!

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