Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day!

Ever notice how the simplest things have the greatest impact? Well, I did yesterday. We stay on the go at all times. I ran into my next door neighbor Sunday night after church, at like, 10:00ish. She asked me if I ever spent any time at home. Uhhh...no, not really! :) And due to the fact that we are NEVER at home, it is always a mess! Well, I had had it. So Kylee and I stayed at home Labor Day morning and actually CLEANED house. What an impact that made on my attitude!! Walking into a clean, fresh house is wonderful. I think I'll pass on some more outings and do it more often....lol, yeah right! Actually, I'm thinking of hiring someone to do it for me. Soon. :)

After the cleaning spree we went on an adventure with the fam. ALLLLL the way to Estill Forks, Alabama. If you've never been there - don't ask me how to get there because I would never find my way back!!! It is where the word "boonies" was created!!! However, some friends of my parents have a hunting cabin there, with a creek running behind it. They have rope swings that swing over the creek - it was a young person's heaven. lol. My kids LOVED swinging off the rope and landing right in the middle of the creek. I have pictures - haven't edited them yet but I have them! (I feel a HUGE picture post coming up soon!) And once again...the simplest things...the free things...sometimes make the greatest impact!

Kade's game on Saturday...not so good! They lost, 46-18. Wow - I don't know what that team fed those kids!! Two of their players were taller than the refs!!! NO JOKE!!! This is an 11 and under team?!?!?! Someone joked that if either of them got in their car and left after the game we could assume they were not playing legally!! haha. I thought that was pretty cute.

Friday night the girls got together to sew. Mom cooked shish-kabobs...ahhhhh....one of my favs!! We did work on Disney outfits - they are going to be soooo cute! I'm going to make the girls model so we can post some pics. They are soo excited!

Saturday night - church. Sunday - church. Sunday night - church. Then Walmart. Then home and that completed our weekend!! Hope everyone is great!!!!

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