Monday, September 28, 2009

Hard work pays off!

Congratulations Kade Rogers!
Student Council Vice-President!!!

We worked hard - and it paid off. He did great on his speech Friday. Looked good in his suit (which he calls a "tux")!!! I am so proud of him. He wanted that position and campaigned hard. So excited for him!

To recap the weekend - Friday night Kade and I went to Mikatos with some great friends. Kade and I decided we needed to celebrate the week being over! We were tired!! Saturday he had a football game, man it was a good one! Went into overtime and ended up losing but the kids played great, despite the pouring, torrential, blowing rainfall!! We were drenched!!!

Went by my mom's and had to throw our clothes in the dryer! Melia was there cooking steak sandwiches and we got there right in time for the Alabama game so we stayed there for a while and watched some of the game. Went home after half time and piddled around for a while and then decided to go shop for a little while.

No church Sunday so did a photo shoot and cleaned house and mowed grass. Went to church Sunday night and to Santa Fe afterwards for some supper, home, bed. Up to start it all over again!!

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