Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a weekend!!

I have been soooo frustrated with myself! I had this awesomely crazy wild busy weekend. And I never even picked up my camera to take not one picture!! What is up with me?? I seem to pick it up less and less. And then, it comes time to blog, and I am just mad at myself for it! What good is a blog with NO pictures!? I mean...come on! I am going to do better. I am going to do better. I am going to do better.....maybe.

I hate when life just takes over and you get so into it that you leave behind the small things. I love my camera. I love pictures. But life has consumed me lately. (Well....life and laundry. But can I just say - for the first time in a month - I have one...maybe two at the most...loads of laundry to do!! Yay me!!!) I want to work on that. I want to figure out a way to keep the house clean, the laundry done and supper on the table....and still have the small things on a daily basis. I haven't sewn in ages. I love that too. How would I fit it in?!? Any suggestions are welcome.... :)

Off the soapbox...

Friday night was the Singing at the Lake. LOVE that singing. Try to go every year. Lee had to work (of course) so me and the kids went with Becky and Hilary because Paul was out of town. We had a blast! Saturday morning we got up waaaayy early and went yard selling - which I also LOVE! Then went to Joe David's surprise 30th birthday, then went to Grayson's 5th birthday (loved hanging out with the girls!!!!!!!! Conversations were awesome!!! :) ) But since I had taken some time off from the house - HAD to go back to the laundry and dirt!!! Spent all day Sunday cleaning and doing laundry. Sunday night Lee and I hit the grocery store so we would actually have food to eat. And all of the sudden, it was Monday again!

I still stand by my recent rant....weekends should be 5 days and the work week should be 3 days!!!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

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