Friday, May 07, 2010


I am SOOOO proud it Friday! I need the weekend. I really needed it yesterday. Who was it that made five day WORK weeks? Don't you think it should be two day work weeks and five day weekends?? I totally think so. I can't seem to get done what I want to get done. How am I supposed to clean and do photography and scrapbook and sew and shop and go to church three times all in two days? You know, when you write that down, it makes much less sense!

I have once again got in the sewing mood. Have completed lots of embroidery lately. I will have to post some pics later. Finished several gifts so I'll have to give them to them before I show pictures!

Not much happening today - thank goodness! Plan on hanging around the house and doing the mountains of laundry that I have! And plan on trying to stay cool!! Did you know the high for today is 91 degrees!!!! We need a pool!!!! :)

I will leave you with some of the wedding pictures that Shannon Byrd so graciously took for me!! I did the editing on a lot of them so you will probalby notice a difference from his normal - we have much different editing ideas! Well, actually, it's probably more of a....he knows HOW to edit and I don't!! :)

Happy Friday!!!

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