Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wonderful weekend

Lee was actually off the past weekend. Very few and far between!! We had all of these home projects lined up to take care of on was supposed to be rainy all day so I just knew I would get my house all clean, and he was going to take care of repairs we needed....haha, funny. We did sleep late, and got up and went out to sit on the deck (our favorite, we are NOT old!) Melia called and said she was cooking without missing a beat we said, "We'll be right there! And tell Jeremy we're going fishing after that!" So, off we fled. Funny how minds can change in a split second! It was great fishing weather! And I caught a fish!!!! Go ME!!!! :) See pics below!

Sunday we went to church and afterwards we were having "Senior Day" so I had cooked for that and we spent time with friends and family and had lunch. Went back to church Sunday night and then made a Krystal run and went home.

Have you noticed how the weekends just fly by!?! It just aggravates me when Monday rolls around!! lol. And it didn't make it any easier knowing that Lee is closing six nights in a row. That means I get up and go to work while he sleeps in and then he gets up and goes to work and comes home after all of us are in bed. Ugh. I guess that means life is beginning to get normal again. Even though I would like to be able to see my husband!! I DID just get married you know!!

Warm wishes!!

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