Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am soooo thankful that #1 - SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! I was ready for a break and I know Kade was!! Today was his awards and I joked that we had had such a hard year that I really didn't see the point in going. But we did, of course. And he got TEN (10) AWARDS!! I don't have them in front of me and can't name them all but he got a FIRST PLACE AR reading award for his class (!!!!), a Student Council Vice-President award, a Science Fair Participation award (ugh...we earned that one), an award for having his art shown at Panoply, an award for having his art shown at the Art Museum, an award for being on Safety Patrol, an award for being the "Flag Person" (he puts it up and down every day), and a couple of others. He also got to start the program by leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance!

He also got his report card today and after all of the turmoil we seem to have had over grades this year - he had an A, 4 B's and 1 C! I am excited over those grades!! lol.

I have learned that even though he doesn't always have the best grades, he seems to be an excellent leader. So I try to encourage him in his strong points! And I remind myself daily that he is not his sister who always had excellent grades!! :) He really has turned out to be a really great kid. He is always willing to help people and seems to be more mature than some his age. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU KADE!!

(I do have pictures!!!!! Will post them a little later!)

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