Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please hurry SUMMER!

Wow. I need summer to get here in a hurry. Otherwise, my accident prone child is going to have something serious happen or his mother is going to seriously hurt him. lol. The kid has come home early from school at least one day a week for I know three weeks and I really believe it's four, I just don't remember what the fourth week was for! Everytime I see the school's number pop up on my cell phone, I wonder what he has done this time. The first week, he fell in PE and hurt his shoulder. We picked him up and took a trip to the doctor. He xrayed it like 3 times and decided he had messed up his rotator cuff. Ugh. However, the doctor said everytime he moved it Kade was in pain because it was swollen so to bring him back in a week so they could make a decision as to what to do. Well, the next night he was throwing a football with that arm so I decided he was fine on my own. :)

Fast forward to the next calls, Kade is having a terrible asthma attack. Can't find his inhaler. I had mine in my purse. Lee was at home but no inhaler there. So.....Lee picks him up and brings him to my office. He uses the inhaler, he's fine. That night. His inhaler miraculously shows up in his backpack. Again...UGH.

So.....Tuesday of this week. Cell phone rings. Guess who!? Yep, you guessed it - it's the school! I answer. Kade was in PE....fell and hurt his ankle. Looks kind of bad. He can't walk on it. Lee is on nights and is at home. He goes and gets him on his way to work. Brings him to my office. Kade comes limping down the stairs. Funny thing, we get home. That ankle doesn't seem to cause not one problem when he jumps on that dirt bike and starts it!! All together now.....UGH UGH UGH!


Stephanie T said...

See.....if I were still there, I think I could pull out a little "Marty" and read through some of that!!

Cassie said...

This is exactly why I dread Wesley growing up!!!! LOL - I knew having a boy would mean there would be no dull moments at my house ;)