Monday, August 09, 2010

Changing colors.....

Well. We made a drastic change today. For YEARS my kids have worn the green and yellow colors for their elementary school and the ever-so-popular-spent-a-fortune-for red and blue for their high school. However, this year, this year is different. Kade will now be sporting purple and gold. It's like coming home for Lee and I. We both graduated in purple and gold and it's just, well, it feels normal. It hasn't been without some tears though. We took Kade to 6th grade orientation Thursday night and while I was sitting there I was fighting tears. Yes, me. Not Kade. Me. Kade is so excited. He has wanted to go to MCMS for a while now. He has numerous cousins and friends there. But while we were sitting at orientation it hit me - this is the first time EVER that one of my kids weren't at OCR. They both started kindergarten there. I was always head of this or on that committee. We were just involved. And there I sat - in the middle of a hundred people, and I knew one person there. Seems odd that I was the one upset but not really. We are expecting a great year though. I was so happy to see Kade excited. But for the first year ever - I FORGOT TO TAKE HIS PICTURE!!! He will so be reenacting this afternoon!!! lol.

So now, all my money goes to purple and gold. Let's start the new collection! :)

And here are a couple of pics that Nickie made for me at orientation! I'm gonna LOVE having Nickie around - she NEVER forgets her camera!! :)

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Shannon Byrd said...

Kade looks SO excited! :) Was it Lee or Kade starting back to school? :)