Monday, August 09, 2010


Okay - my panic is actually now over. For those of you with small have soooo much to look forward to!

Somehow - and I still don't know how - my daughter (she's 19) ended up with a free beach trip, so she calls me and says, "Mom, the only thing is, Rachel and I have to drive down by ourselves." Rachel is also 19. And I certainly thought her parents would say, "NO WAY!" for me, but they didn't (geez Leslie! lol). So, I still wouldn't give the go ahead and I told her to call her Guess what he said!?! He told her yes, that she could drive - ALL THE WAY TO GULF SHORES. Oh, he did tell her that if it rained, she had to pull off?!? lol.

I never said a word. I just acted like it wasn't happening. Until 5:00ish a.m. this morning when she called to tell me she was leaving. Then I decided I might need to pray about her! ha!

They made it. They never even got lost one time!!


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Leslie said...

I thought you and Lee would say "NO"! We may need to get together next time! :) Seriously, I can't believe they are so grown up! Where has the time gone???