Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writers block....gone.

Obviously my writers block has been lifted. I keep thinking of things and saying, "ooooh, I need to blog that" today. Very unusual for me lately. I have been stareing at my blog daily thinking, "do I have ANYTHING to write about?????"

Here's what's on my mind....followed by an explanation:

DOUBT. Let us ponder on that word. The meaning is "to lack confidence in and to consider unlikely." Do you have problems with doubting? I have been rolling this around in my mind lately. Do I doubt? I am talking about spiritually. Do I? I have ask myself that question over and over.

Here is what I have come up with...kind of. It's sketchy to say the least.

Everyone knows about Kade getting shot in the eye. We have ever more had a time with it. I asked God an INFINITE amount of times to heal him. Did I doubt that he would? No. I 100% believed that he could and WOULD take care of Kade's eye.

Here's the story - Kade saw the same retina specialist six times in 3 weeks if I'm not mistaken. On the 5th time, he set him up to see a cataract specialist because he had a cataract. His reasoning for this was that he could not see the extent of the damage to his retina because of the cataract, therefore, the cataract had to be removed. So...we go to see the cataract specialist, he agrees the cataract needs to be removed and even agrees for the reasoning. That was on a Tuesday I believe and they scheduled him for surgery 8 days later. On Monday before the surgery on Wednesday, he had another appointment with the retina specialist. Lee takes him and it takes FOREVER. I finally get in touch with him and he is just acting strange about it. So he explains that obviously the doctor is crazy. lol. When they went in, the doctor looked at him, told Lee his retina looked good and he thought he was fine. He then proceeds to tell him that he has a small cataract and later on he might need to have it seen about. So Lee proceeds to tell him that HE sent him to the cataract specialist and Kade is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday! The doctor says, "Oh, I did? Well. Good. I don't need to see him again, he can just follow up with the cataract specialist." HUH? Remember back when I told you that the REASON for the cataract surgery was so the retina specialist could see the damage to the retina and fix it?? He told Lee his retina looked fine! So then Lee goes on to ask him about the three prescriptions three times a day he is on. The doctor's reply, "Oh, he don't have to take those anymore." And....the appointment is over. The cataract specialist had already told us that the surgery was no rush - he said it could be done in 2 days, 2 years or 20 years. Needless to say, we cancelled that surgery in a hurry.

So what did we do? Decided the doctor was a quack, and got an appointment with a different one for a second opinion. Then it hit me, didn't you ask God to take care of him? Yep - sure did. Numerous times. And then I cancelled the second opinion.

Do I believe God took care of him? Most definitely. Why have I failed to blog about it or tell everyone? (I have told very very few.) I have decided it isn't because I have doubted, but for fear. I KNEW that as soon as I made the statement that he was fine, Satan was going to be ALL.OVER.ME. Why have I decided to tell now? There were 100s of people praying for my son. And they deserve to know that he is fine. And I can handle anything Satan can throw at me. Period.


And yes, Shannon Byrd, I know. It IS still very strange to read anything remotely associated with God that I write. :)

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Stephanie T said...

WOW - Stew will be so proud that a text from him broke your writer's block - HA!!!

Watch out - you'll start being accused of writing novels like me and Mom if you're not careful :)