Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday morning status update....

Well....the update is....I'm here and I'm breathing. :) Wow - No one filled me in on that little issue that when you become a full-time church-goer......that's all you have time for! Could someone fill this full-time worker, full-time mother, full-time wife, full-time church-goer when you fit your laundry into your day?! Drycleaning is calling my name....and so is a housekeeper! Any takers? Need everyone to put in bids - lowest one wins! ha!

Had a singing at Huntsville Friday night - had a great time! The singing was very good. Great way to start off "singing season!" Of course we didn't get in until after 11:00 and I had worked all day and I crashed! Got up Saturday morning and Lee and I were going to go to the new house and do a few things, and then hit a few yard sales....somehow he begged out of the yard sales and me, Mom and Melissa went. Didn't buy a thing!!! We just didn't have a good yard sale day. I guess I did too well the week before. I didn't post about that! I bought a brown glass patio table with 6 resin wicker chairs with the cushions (and I actually liked them!) and 4 extra resin wicker chairs and 2 wrought iron chairs for $75!! Unfortunately, didn't find that kind of bargain this time around....

(Notice in that last paragraph there was no mention of laundry.......)

Mom decided we needed to cook so Kylee and I ran to the store. We bought 20 lbs of chicken leg quarters and Lee grilled them and Mom made 10 lbs of homemade french fries and slaw and mac and cheese and then Kylee and I made a fresh fruit pizza. Oh my goodness. It was wonderful!

(Again, notice in that last paragraph there was no mention of laundry......)

Went to church Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. Mom and I did shop in between church Sunday. I went in to panic mode when I realized that I had NOTHING to wear for fall. I now own a few fall skirts - of course, there are no shirts to go with them but I am going to work on that soon....

(And again....notice....oh nevermind - you get the picture!)

Have a happy week!!!

And just because I like to always have a picture.... Here is one of Kylee's favorites and I want to blog it so I will always have it around. This is Ben Honeycutt. He is the guy from Rainsville that was on the last season of American Idol (briefly, but he was on television a couple of times!). Enjoy!

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